加拿大19体育官网股权研究主任, 多样性, 和包容行动计划 



Every two years, the Canada 研究椅子 Program performs an allocation review. 访问结果 2020年UPEI主席席位分配.


  • NSERC # 61
  • 特殊的# 1882
  • 特殊的# 1184



  • Dr. 拉塞尔·科尔,第一梯队 
  • Dr. 克劳福德·里维,第二层
  • Dr. 索菲·圣·希莱尔,二楼
  • Dr. Kate Tilleczek,一层,二层
  • Dr. Michael Van Den Heuvel,第二层
  • Dr. 威廉·惠兰,第二层
  • Dr. 戈弗雷·巴尔达奇诺,第二层
  • Dr. 蔡松,第二层
  • Dr. 阿拉斯泰尔·克里布,第二层
  • Dr. Frank Berthe,第二梯队


Archived Chair Past Recruitment Postings (for internal and external candidates)


The Government of Canada and the Canada 研究椅子 Program (CRCP) are committed to excellence in research and research training for the benefit of Canadians. 实现更公平, diverse and inclusive Canadian research enterprise is also essential to creating the excellent, innovative and impactful research necessary to seize opportunities and to respond to global challenges.

Several actions have been taken to address the underrepresentation of people from four designated groups (women, 土著居民, 残疾人, 以及可见的少数群体成员) within the Canada 研究椅子 Program. 

The Canada 研究椅子 Program was the subject of a 2006 Canadian Human Rights Settlement Agreement, 这是2003年针对该项目提出的投诉的结果. 在2017年的合作调解过程之后. A 2019附录 概述了原始和解协议的更新条款. 要了解更多信息,请参阅CRCP 公平、多样性和包容性实践 页面.

要了解更多信息,请参阅CRCP 公平、多样性和包容性实践 页面.


UPEI致力于股权投资, 多样性, and inclusion (EDI) related to the Canada 研究椅子 Program and the broader research enterprise of the university. It believes in providing a positive learning and working environment where every person feels empowered to contribute and where all members of its community are respectful and respected as individuals. We are committed to fostering an inclusive culture and to advancing 多样性 in all of its forms to leverage educational and institutional benefits.


UPEI一直通过股权进行运营, 多样性, 加拿大研究主席的包容行动计划. The previous version was updated in December 2018, and again in November 2019. 2020年,UPEI重新审查了该计划,并发布了更新和改进的计划 UPEI加拿大研究中心主持公平、多样性和包容性行动计划.


大学致力促进公平意识, 多样性, 以及整个校园社区的包容性. In 2019, UPEI创建了股权, 多样性, and Inclusion Steering Committee co-chaired by the 学术与研究副主席 and the 行政和财务副总裁. 他们的工作包括确定实现公平的机会, 多样性和包容性措施, 项目, 活动, 和计划.他们目前正在建设一个校园范围内的公平, 多样性, 以及整个UPEI校园的包容战略.

UPEI also has a Joint Equity Committee comprised of members from the Faculty Association and the UPEI administration. 该委员会提供了一个分享信息的论坛, generating discussion and fostering collaboration on matters related to the policies and procedures for equity related matters and to ensure that training on any such equity related policies, 程序和做法提供给考虑选拔的委员会, 更新, 在UPEI获得终身/永久职位和晋升.   The CRCs at UPEI will benefit from this institutional committee and its work. Chairs at UPEI fall under the Faculty Collective Agreement and are protected under Article A-7 which addresses Non-Discrimination. 

UPEI的文学院有一个公平和包容网站, UPEI的教职员工所在的地方, 工作人员, 和学生 can share information and resources about equitable and inclusive practices and are invited to participate in conversation and engagement to learn about these important issues. Training in equity, 多样性 and inclusion is provided to CRC search committee members. 他们是 需填写及申报 they have completed EDI training prior to participating in any aspect of a CRC search. UPEI continues to explore more advanced training in this area for CRC search committees.

关于股权的其他信息, 多样性 and inclusion initiatives related to the Canada 研究椅子 Programme can be found in our 机构的行动计划.

crc EDI行动计划的治理

UPEI is committed to providing an environment that affirms and promotes the dignity of human beings of diverse backgrounds and needs. 

The UPEI CRC EDI 行动 Plan is approved and administered by the University's VicePresident Academic and 研究. The 学术与研究副主席 is responsible for reviewing the plan with key stakeholders throughout the University community on a regular basis. UPEI还通过我们的 加拿大研究主席计划(CRCP)机构公平, 多样性, 和包容性(EDI)行动计划报告.



要查看CRCP关于席位分配的统计数据, 访问CRCP的项目统计. 有关UPEI股权目标的更多信息, 请参阅我们的行动计划.  

在UPEI的CRC搜索期间,申请人被要求 填写一份自我认同表格. This information is confidential and used internally to help UPEI ascertain if a broad audience is being reached and to help plan future searches. 


在UPEI, Canada 研究 Chair positions help to create hubs around strategic areas of research excellence. We strive to ensure that these 项目 include a 多样性 of perspectives in order to enrich the cultural, 我们所代表和服务的社会和学术团体, and we will continue to investigate ways to empower members of marginalized groups to make their voices heard within the CRC Program and beyond.

UPEI遵循 招聘和提名加拿大研究主席的要求. The selection of priority areas for Canada 研究 Chair position theme and research disciplines is the responsibility of a committee consisting of the 学术与研究副主席, Deans from each Faculty including the Dean of Graduate Studies and 研究, 和大学图书管理员. The committee reviews the areas proposed by Faculties to identify best fit with institutional priorities, UPEI战略研究计划, 以及潜在申请人的多样性预期. 这些建议由大学高级管理人员审核, 谁授权进行搜查的. The Vice President Academic and 研究 as Chair of the Application Review Committee (ARC) will be responsible for ensuring that the CRC requirements are met throughout the process. 在此决定和过程中概述 教师协会#1集体协议,包括谅解信#2关于:加拿大研究主席.  

委员会成立, and the recruitment process may begin following Canada 研究 Chair nomination program details and UPEI requirements. The Committee is expected to have representation from the area of expertise required, 多学科的, 不同性别和/或文化. 委员会必须包括公平冠军, and must also include at least one individual from one of the four designated groups (women, 原住民, 残疾人, 以及可见的少数群体成员). 

The Committee will consider the requirement from CRC for UPEI to meet and/or sustain the current equity and 多样性 targets. They also consider locations for sharing advertisement or practices for which could expand the pool to more women, 残疾人, 本土的人, 可见少数民族, 以及其他弱势群体. The committee makes recommendations on optimizing the institution’s chair allocations using the corridor of flexibility provided by the CRC Secretariat. Decisions on selection are made by the Application Review Committee with approval of the University’s senior management.

大学承认潜在的影响 职业中断和个人情况 在申请人的研究成果记录上可以有什么. Measures are taken to ensure that individuals are not disadvantaged when applying for a position in cases where they have career gaps due to parental or health related leaves or for the care and nurturing of family members. All job competitions provide this information and indicate that careful consideration will be given to this issue during the evaluation process. The internal processes provide guidance to 工作人员 on determining eligibility, 考虑到职业中断和个人情况, 去找衡平法, 多样性和包容性官员就个别情况提供建议. More information on this process in an individual competition can be obtained by contacting UPEI 研究服务 Office at researchservices@dhlldv.com.  

The Application Review Committee works with the Vice President Academic and 研究 to determine financial and institutional contributions.  UPEI is in the process of developing a guide to direct the University through this process, with established and standardized support provided to a Canada 研究 Chair, 分化的纪律, 每种支持的范围, 减少个别主席谈判的影响. 这将表明应向主席提供多少支助.  UPEI will also provide new Canada 研究椅子 with a resources bank package (tailored by discipline) indicating who can provide guidance and/or support on a range of relevant internal or external information or opportunities.  This will help ensure that there is no disadvantage for access resources when they start their position.  

更新程序, the 学术与研究副主席 appoints an application review committee to review the progress of the award holder in their role as CRC. This committee includes an external expert and is tasked with review of the quality of the CRC, 研究成果的传播, 培养高素质人才. They further assess the program of research and integration with the university strategic research plan, 资金, 出版记录, 合作, 社区服务及训练.

A CRC position is only filled without a competition in very exceptional circumstances. 这只能通过 该紧急保留 机制. If relied upon UPEI will post a statement on this website to explain: the intention to nominate an individual using the emergency retention 机制; the detailed justification explaining why the emergency retention 机制 is being used (without disclosing the nominee’s personal information); confirmation that the university’s equity and 多样性 targets have been taken into consideration in the decision; the name and contact information of the senior level university official who has approved the decision; and the name and contact information of a university representative who can respond to questions or concerns regarding the nomination. UPEI has not had any postings that are strictly internal during the reporting period. 所有这些都向外部招聘开放.

CRC EDI投诉的联络资料及资源

The 学术与研究副主席 is responsible to ensure the CRC Equity 多样性 和包容行动计划 is applied to current and future Chairs.

问题, concerns or complaints relating to the CRC EDI 行动 Plan or any 活动 associated with this plan should be made to the 学术与研究副主席:

Dr. 凯瑟琳Gottschall-Pass(临时)
夏洛特敦,PEI,加拿大C1A 4P3
电话:902 566 0561
电子邮件: kgottschall@dhlldv.com

另一种保密的提问方式, 表达担忧或提出投诉应联系UPEI股权, 多元化及包容官员如下:

夏洛特敦,PEI,加拿大C1A 4P3
电话:902 894.2840
电子邮件: pjwheatley@dhlldv.com


If a concern or complaint relates to a subject covered by one of UPEI’s existing policies, (e.g. UPEI 公平待遇政策 or 性暴力政策) that policy will guide the process for addressing the complaint. If the concern or complaint does not fall within one of the University’s existing policies, it is the responsibility of the 学术与研究副主席 in consultation with the 行政和财务副总裁 and the Equity, 多样性, 和包容官, 及时有效地处理有关问题或投诉.

crc受UPEI公平待遇政策的保护, 哪些概述了投诉的过程和程序, 调查, 非正式和正式决议的形式, 以及报告要求和时间表. 投诉的性质将决定程序, 调查要求, 分辨率的选择, 以及它们被处理的层次. 一旦正式的投诉程序开始, each successive step should begin within ten (10) working days of the conclusion of the previous step until the complaint is resolved.

The UPEI 公平待遇政策 falls under the office of the 行政和财务副总裁. The 行政和财务副总裁 can be contacted as follows:

夏洛特敦,PEI,加拿大C1A 4P3
电话:902 566 0623
电子邮件: jpodger@dhlldv.com 

There are a number of resources related to fair treatment available to faculty, 工作人员, 和学生, 包括加拿大研究主席.


CRCs are members of the UPEI Faculty Association (UPEIFA) and have the option of contacting the UPEIFA at any time for support. 这个说, 大学可能没有参与,甚至没有意识到, 工会成员与工会之间的沟通.